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Great Dove Hunting Destination

Los Gauchos Outfitters and Uruguay Dove Hunting

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High Volume Dove Shooting - Uruguay is the place.

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Plan a Uruguay Dove Hunt.

Los Gauchos Outfitters makes it easy - and affordable.

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Perdiz Hunting with Dove Hunting

Experience Upland Hunting in Uruguay along with the Doves

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Mercedes Dove Lodge

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Dove Hunting Uruguay - High Volume Hunting

Why Uruguay for a Dove Hunting Trip.....

Ask your next door neighbor, gun club member, or just anyone who shares a passion for wing shooting. Argentina will be the most common country bird hunters think as the best dove hunting destination. We agree. Cordoba is a great city for high volume shooting.

But Los Gauchos Outfitters would like to introduce you to Uruguay. Argentina's neighbor that is safer, more economical, with beautiful lodges and high volume available year round.

Dove hunting Uruguay has several options - not just doves. Upland hunting (Uruguay Perdiz) and dorado fishing are added activities you can experience while at the Uruguay Mercedes Lodge.

The Elena Lodge is a large lodge close to Montevideo that can accompany your large or small group. With excellent Perdiz hunting and high volume doves, Elena has become a classic Uruguay dove hunting lodge for many years.

There is a dove hunting trip for any budget and when compared to the expense of dove hunting in Texas, Uruguay becomes a reality. Dove hunting in Uruguay will surpass any high volume bird hunt you have experienced or read about. Learn More

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Los Gauchos Outfitters Uruguay Dove Hunting

Los Gauchos Outfitters has been offering dove and duck hunting trips to Argentina, Uruguay, Peru.

Uruguay dove hunting is a poplular hunting trip that gives you unlimited shooting all year.

Los Gauchos provides Uruguay duck hunting in combination with the dove hunts. You can also opt for Perdiz hunting or dorado fishing at the Uruguay lodges.

Los Gauchos also offers world class trips for Argentina dove hunting. If you want a similar but safe place to Mexico dove hunting, try Peru. A wonderful country that offers even better hunting conditions than Mexico dove hunting. Learn More

"Los Gauchos Outfitters not only provides awesome dove hunting in Uruguay but the lodging, meals, guides and we also got to fish for dorado - a fabulous bird hunting trip in Uruguay."

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Dove Hunts

Dove hunting in Uruguay is high volume, affordable, available all year and you will find what you signed up for - DOVES! Located on the western side of Uruguay in the middle of fertile farmland that has rolling hills and dove roosts that outnumber the residents. This is dove hunting in Uruguay and it will not disappoint you.

Uruguay does not just offer exceptional dove hunting, but Los Gauchos Outfitters has trekked the country and we have the best Uruguay duck hunting, Dorado fishing, and mixed bag hunting that includes Uruguay doves, pigeons, Perdiz and ducks. Los Gauchos Outfitters invites you to watch the Uruguay hunting action on our exclusive site showcasing the years of outdoor professionals and celebrities that have enjoye the Uruguay dove hunting and more with Los Gauchos Outfitters.