Perdiz Hunting Gallery

  • Perdiz Hunting

    Perdiz Hunting in Uruguay

    Perdiz hunting is a common bird hunt that is combined with the Uruguay dove hunting. A great morning or afternoon option for your Uruguay bird hunt.

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  • Upland Bird Dogs

    Upland Hunting Dog - Los Gauchos Outfitters

    Upland hunting is only as good as the bird dogs that join you. Uruguay has the best trained dogs in South America.

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  • Perdiz Uruguay

    Perdiz Hunt Uruguay

    There are millions of doves in Argentina and Uruguay. The roosts are located right on the property of the Los Gauchos Dove Hunting Lodges.

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  • Hunting Guides

    Perdiz Hunting Guides

    An important part of Perdiz hunting - Excellent, Professional Upland Hunting Guides.

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