Uruguay Perdiz Hunting

Perdiz Hunting

Perdiz hunting is a great addition to the Uruguay dove hunt. With a limited season - the Upland hunting is a popular time for bird hunters to visit Uruguay.
Uruguay is known as one of the best countries for perdiz hunting.


Several Reasons:

  • No hunting pressure. Uruguay is a small country in South America and the perdiz are all over the rich Uruguay fields where crops and food for the birds are ample. It could be said there are more perdiz in Uruguay than people! And the majority of residents do not enjoy the sport of wings-hooting like North Americans and Europeans do.

  • Food source for the perdiz: The western part of Uruguay is filled with acre after acre of crops and ranches that supply the Upland bird with plenty of food. They find western Uruguay a perfect place and thus the bird hunter now is introduced to the perfect place for Perdiz hunting.

  • No special equipment - Los Gauchos provides the shotguns for Perdiz hunting (no extra fee) and the guides provide the afternoons of Upland hunting.

  • Upland hunting dogs - an extremely important part of the Perdiz hunt. The Upland hunting dogs in Uruguay are high trained pointing dogs that have learned the scent of the perdiz and work with some of the most renowned dog trainers to give the most needed asset for a Perdiz hunting adventure. The Upland hunting dogs.

Upland Hunting Uruguay

One last recommendation for the Perdiz hunting. Pack the best Upland hunting boots you can. Nothing fancy, just comfortable.

You will be walking the fields along side the Upland hunting dogs for at least 3 hours.

Upland hunting is a classic hunt and should be experienced. Come to Uruguay and see the best Perdiz hunting in South America.

Upland hunting season in Uruguay: May 1 is opening day and lasts until July 31. You can combine Upland hunting with dove hunting during the Perdiz season. There is a limit of 10 birds per hunter per day - so the Perdiz hunt will take place either in the morning or the afternoon with doves finishing out the day.

Upland hunting is a great sport that uses bird dogs and really makes for an challenging bird hunt. The Perdiz stay close to the ground and then shoot up quickly.

The dog work and the guide is important and Los Gauchos is proud to have the best in Uruguay.

The Perdiz are delicious on the table - and you will certainly get to experience this high quality cuisine at the Uruguay lodges.

Upland hunting is ideal for hunters who prefer to use bird hunting dogs and we found Uruguay our preferred place for Perdiz hunting.

Perdiz Hunting

Upland hunting has a long history all over the world. Very popular in Europe, North America, and South America - the Upland hunt is a long tradition and Uruguay stands out as one of the best country's to go Perdiz hunting.

The Perdiz are similar in size to the quail and can be found in the short grassy fields of the Uruguay ranches. Upland hunting describes to hunting non-waterfowl birds with dogs from the family of pointers and spaniels. The Perdiz is the only species in Uruguay - but high in volume and these birds always provide a challenge for the wing shooter.